My story

Rémi's cabin

My story

Welcome to my home, I'm Charlie, the reason for this place, which is, well, a bit magical!

Let me explain, I'm the one who started it all,

A beautiful garden, big trees, and my dad, handyman and full of ideas decides to make the place live...

He starts with the pond already well populated by frogs and dragonflies, and builds Remi's hut.

Remi is my big brother, he climbs everywhere, it is well timed, it is four meters high!

He loves the moon and the stars too, you can see them from your own bed in the star house... and then like all kids and many parents we love to have fun, so the last two have their own slide and giant hammock on the ceiling, can you believe it!

And as we live the rest of the year in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand, where our incredible school is, we did a lot of flea markets and markets to decorate the last hut with objects from here,

By the way, we are preparing a surprise for you there, but you will have to take the plane... shhh, I won't tell you more for the moment,

In addition to the cabins, there is also the house, the one of my first room, you too can go and spend your first night there, and more if you like it, and to choose your room, answer a simple question: what is my favorite color?

Red, yellow or green is the color of a small detail of each room that must be found!

And when you have sweet dreams, after a sweet night, you can count on my mom for a delicious breakfast!

So see you soon... in my universe!